Father/Male Involvement in Early Childhood Programs.

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McBride, Brent A.
Rane, Thomas R.
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Education Resources Information Center (ERIC).
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Given the support for increased involvement of parents in their children's schooling and the positive contribution men can make to children's development, it is important to reach out specifically to fathers or other significant males in parent involvement efforts for pre-kindergarten and early childhood programs. This digest discusses barriers to male involvement, including: (1) fathers' fears of exposing inadequacies; (2) ambivalence of program staff members about father involvement; (3) gatekeeping by mothers; and (4) inappropriate program design and delivery. The digest also offers the following suggestions for educators who are planning initiatives targeted at men: (1) be specific about goals; (2) acknowledge resistance to initiatives; (3) identify significant male role figures; (4) provide training and support services for staff; (5) train female facilitators to accept male involvement; (6) do not neglect mothers; (7) go slowly; and (8) do not reinvent the wheel. (LPP) (Author abstract)

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