Father Involvement in Early Childhood Programs.

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Fitzpatrick, Tom.
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Minnesota Fathers and Families Network.
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Early childhood is a critical time for the healthy development of children. Between the ages of 2 and 7, the human brain grows to 70-90% of its adult size. The quality of nurtur-ing and education which occurs during this early childhood period significantly impacts not only a child's individual capacities, but the child's ability to ultimately contribute to a healthy community. In this publication, we take a look at families who have been engaged with some form of early childhood education or service in Minnesota. We cast a broad net here including organized programs such as Early Childhood Family Education and Head Start along withless structured preschool and in-home day care services. By focusing broadly, we assume we will include a wider variety of fathers and their families. Given the pervasiveness of earlychildhood education and services to families, learning about what is working for dads and what is not working for them will help us understand to continually improve support of fa-thers and their families. We are interested in what is, as well as what isn't, working for dads and what kinds of barriers fathers now face. We also offer some success stories and strategies about early childhood programs found to be highly effective to involve dads. (Author abstract modified)

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