Factors that contribute to fathers being perceived as good or poor sexuality educators for their daughters.

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Nielsen, Samantha K.
Latty, Christopher R.
Angera, Jeffrey J.
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Journal Article
This study examined factors that contributed to fathers being perceived as good or poor sexuality educators by their daughters. The data from 10 female participant interviews were analyzed (five fathers were rated as quality educators and five as poor educators). Good Paternal Educators were perceived as being emotionally close to their daughter, displayed attentiveness to her comfort level during sexual conversations, were open and honest when discussing sexual topics, monitored her behaviors with a level of trust, and were direct communicators. Conversely, Poor Paternal Educators were viewed as not being close to their daughters, not talking regularly in general, appeared uncomfortable when talking about sex, attempted to avoid sexual conversations, used humor to avoid a serious conversation, and had ambiguous or indirect forms of monitoring. (Author abstract)

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