Facilitating Fatherhood: A Longitudinal Examination of Father Involvement Among Young Minority Fathers.

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Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal
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Robbers, Monica.
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Journal Article
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The effects of father absence on children have been well documented in research and range from increased risk of poverty, to increased risk of incarceration (Anderson et al. Family Relations 51(2):148-155, 2002). This study presents a longitudinal evaluation of young fathers involvement with their children conducted within the scope of a teen parenting program in Arlington County, Virginia. The respondents in the study are young, mainly Hispanic fathers who come from lower socio-economic groups. The theoretical foundation for the parenting program was derived from Prochaska's Transtheoretical Model of Change (1979). Three scales of fatherhood involvement were assessed at four time periods, including two years post-program. Results from the evaluation indicated that all three fatherhood scales increased steadily and significantly from pre-test to two years post-program. Results support the notion that fatherhood involvement curricula have the potential to positively influence young fathers and keep them involved with their children. Suggestions for further research and discussion of public policy implications are included in the study. (Author abstract)

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