Exploring Child Welfare Workers' Attitudes and Practice With Fathers.

Journal Name
Journal of Family Strengths
Journal Volume
Journal Issue
1; art. 11
Page Count
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Coakley, Tanya M.
Kelley, Allyson.
Bartlett, Robin.
Resource Type
Journal Article
Resource Format
This cross-sectional study explored child welfare agency workers' attitudes and practice regarding working with fathers whose children are at-risk for abuse and neglect. Agency workers completed a questionnaire about their attitudes towards working with fathers, their knowledge of barriers to fathers' engagement, and their experiences with their own fathers. They also completed open-ended items about services and supports they felt would be most helpful to fathers. A content analysis of the data revealed critical themes for four areas that workers felt could be enhanced to effectively engage fathers: (a) use diligent efforts that ensure fathers are present to contribute, (b) provide equitable services, supports, and policies for fathers, (c) address father-specific needs, and (d) promote a positive worker-father relationship. The findings provide insight into ways that social workers can maximize fathers' strengths and reduce their challenges. (Author abstract)

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