Exploration of The Relationship Between Father Role Salience and Levels of Involvement with Their Preschool Children

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Journal of Social Work Education and Practice
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Stone, G. & Reister, H.
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Journal Article
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Social expectations of the father’s role in the family have changed considerably in the past four decades. The purpose of this study was to examine the various factors that influence both father role salience and father involvement with their preschool age children based upon a model set forth by Doherty, Kouneski, & Erickson (1998). Data was collected from seventy-four fathers regarding factors that affected their involvement level with their children. Five primary variables were assessed: Father Role Salience, Father Employment, Mother Employment, Encouragement from Partner, and Child Gender. Based upon multiple regression analysis and path analysis it was found that of the five original variables, only three significantly affected father involvement: father role salience, father employment, and mother employment. Father role salience was also found to be a mediating variable between father employment and father involvement. Recommendations and implications for future research and practice are discussed.


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