Examining the Role of Safe, Stable, and Nurturing Relationships in the Intergenerational Continuity of Child Maltreatment -- Introduction to the Special Issue.

Journal Name
Journal of Adolescent Health
Journal Volume
Journal Issue
4 (Suppl.)
Page Count
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Merrick, Melissa T.
Leeb, Rebecca T.
Lee, Rosalyn D.
Resource Type
Journal Article
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This special issue is the result of a successful collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and researchers leading four important longitudinal studies on intergenerational patterns of violence: The Environmental Risk Longitudinal Twin Study (E-Risk); the Family Transitions Project (FTP); the Lehigh Longitudinal Study; and the Rochester Youth Development Study. The papers included in this issue investigate the role of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and social contexts in the lives of children and their caregivers, provide insight into complex relationship factors that influence the intergenerational continuity of child maltreatment, and point to a number of important avenues to improve the lives of children and families by preventing violence and promoting health and well-being. (Author abstract)

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