Examining the Influence of Cultural Values on Pathways to Strengthen Responsible Fatherhood Among Mexican-Origin Fathers.

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Gonzalez, Henry.
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Unpublished Paper
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Understanding the potential promotive effects of cultural values is particularly relevant for studies on Mexican-origin fathers who are at risk for exposure to multiple sociocultural contextual stressors. Studies, however, have yet to account for specific sociocultural contextual stressors that are particularly pertinent to Mexican-origin groups, such as immigrant- and ethnic-based discrimination and acculturative stress. According to the Family Stress Model, stressors undermine parenting through psychological dysfunction. Using a community sample of Mexican-origin biological fathers (N = 85) of 3 to 6 year-old children, this study aimed to: first, test the linkages between sociocultural contextual stressors and psychological distress; second, test the linkages between psychological distress and parenting practices; and lastly, consider whether cultural values, namely, familismo, respeto, and caballerismo, moderate these associations. Findings from hierarchical linear regression analyses indicated that immigrant-based discrimination stress was positively related to psychological distress only when fathers strongly endorsed familismo and respeto. In addition, a positive relationship between economic hardship and psychological distress existed only when fathers endorsed high levels of familismo. Findings also showed that the inverse relationship between psychological distress and supportive coparenting quality was substantiated when fathers endorsed low levels of familismo. An inverse link between psychological distress and father accessibility was also observed when fathers reported low levels of respeto. Examining how culturally specific risks and strengths inform future responsible fatherhood intervention work among Mexican-origin families is discussed. (Author abstract)

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