Engaging Men in Marriage Education. How-To Guide.

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Bolden, Errol.
Good, Josh.
Derrington, Rachel.
Harrison, Courtney.
Lucero, Ervin.
Caton, Seth.
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National Healthy Marriage Resource Center.
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Although both men and women are involved in marriage, relationship matters are often considered the woman's domain. For practitioners offering marriage and relationship education (MRE), this general belief can often make engaging men in your program a challenge. Information is relatively sparse with regard to how men can be engaged in marriage education. There is research on men and commitment, and there are relatively frequent pop culture references to men and marriage regarding infidelity or gender roles, but very few resources are available for married men to support their relationship. However, we know from the field that men are interested in having a healthy marriage. Men come to MRE services for a variety of reasons. It may be because of their wife's or partner's encouragement, because another man recommended it, or because of an underlying fear of marriage or relationship trouble -- with little hope for what else to do. Practitioners, however, should not assume that just because a man attends an MRE course, that he has already bought in to the value of the program. This "How To" guide will provide some ideas for practitioners seeking to recruit and engage men in MRE programs. Truly engaging men in MRE requires that practitioners make thoughtful and intentional efforts from the beginning. It starts with marketing and is carried through staff interaction during MRE workshops. (Author abstract)

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