The Divorcing Father's Manual : 8 Steps to Help You and Your Children Survive and Thrive.

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Friedman, Barry B.
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Men's Studies Press.
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This manual is intended to help fathers who are separated or divorced to cope successfully with their divorce in a way that is healthy for their children. It begins by explaining the importance of fathers and the impact of divorce on families. Eight steps are then described for keeping an active relationship with the children, surviving the divorce, and moving on to other relationships and a happy life. The steps include: surviving the initial assault; disengaging from your old love; working for a nonadversarial divorce; assessing your role as father and making a fathering plan; understanding children; doing it all alone; dealing with your ex-wife; and staring a dating life. Each section discusses challenges divorced fathers face and techniques for remaining an active and involved father. A list of additional resources on relationships is included.

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