Designing an Intervention to Promote Child Development Among Father With Antisocial Behavior (Special Issue: Intervention Research).

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Research on Social Work Practice
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Charles, Pajarita.
Gorman-Smith, Deborah.
Jones, Anne.
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Journal Article
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Objective: This article describes an intervention development focusing on the early design stages of a model to improve psychosocial and behavioral health outcomes among children of fathers with incarceration and antisocial behavioral histories.Method: We use a synthesis of the literature and qualitative interviews with key informants to inform a theoretical model and the next steps in building an intervention.Results: Findings suggest gaps in effective interventions that promote father involvement among men with histories of incarceration and antisocial behavior. Considerations for future interventions include addressing the complex needs of fathers’ post-incarceration, sequencing intervention components using flexible treatment approaches, and employing intentional recruitment and retention strategies.Conclusion: The negative relation between fathers’ imprisonment and antisocial behavior and children’s outcomes calls for interventions to promote positive father involvement. This article proposes a systematized approach to design such an intervention concluding with next steps in the planning for a future intervention study. (Author abstract)

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