Dads Kind of Get Forgotten’: The Mental Health Support Needs of Fathers Raising a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Journal Name
Journal of Family Studies
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Seymour, M., Allen, S., Giallo, R. & Wood, C.
Resource Type
Journal Article
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There is a lack of support directed towards the mental health of fathers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This study aimed to gain insight into the unique mental health support needs of fathers of children with ASD, along with potential barriers and facilitators to accessing support. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with four fathers of children (aged 8–9 years) with ASD. The support needs of fathers included: social support; practical support; respite; financial support; professional support; and self-care and time to self. Guided by a bioecological framework, individual, interpersonal, and community level barriers and facilitators to accessing support were identified. Understanding the barriers fathers of children with ASD experience when seeking support allows the development of interventions specially targeting their unique needs.

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