“Dad–a practical guy in the shadow”: Fathers' experiences of their paternal role as a father during early discharge after birth and readmission of their newborns.

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Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare
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Feenstra, Maria Monberg.
Nilsson, Ingrid.
Danbjorg, Dorthe Boe.
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Journal Article
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The aim is to explore how new fathers experience early discharge after birth and readmission of their newborn in relation to their role and involvement as a father. Fathers of today are active participants during pregnancy, birth and in the care of the newborn. Still studies demonstrate that health care professionals are unsuccessful at involving fathers in ante- and postnatal care. How fathers experience their paternal role in the early postnatal period may affect the well-being of the new family. Our study points at fathers being comfortable with being discharged early, but experienced insecurity when at home. The fathers experienced to be categorized by health care professionals as the practical guy, who had to assist the mother. Yet fathers saw themselves as equal to the mothers. Fathers also saw themselves in the shadow of the mother and showed greater considerations for the mother’s feelings than their own. Fathers can be insecure in their paternal role when being met as just the practical guy. (Author abstract)

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