Couples' Evaluations of Fatherhood in Different Stages of the Family Life Cycle.

Journal Name
European Journal of Developmental Psychology
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Fuhrmans, Franziska.
von der Lippe, Holger.
Fuhrer, Urs.
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Journal Article
Fathers' and mothers' views on mothers' satisfaction with paternal behaviour as well as the respective processes of origination were studied in 393 cohabiting couples from three different stages of the family life cycle. Data on paternal competence and the couples' relationship characteristics were included as predictors in multiple regression analyses, and the stages of the family life cycle were taken into account with multigroup regression analyses. Results showed that the mothers were more satisfied with paternal behaviour than the fathers thought the mothers were. Moreover, mothers were satisfied when the fathers were willing to spend time with the child, whereas fathers thought that their partners were satisfied when they were able to establish and maintain a relationship with the child. Couple relationship satisfaction had a consistent impact on fathers' views, whereas it was not relevant to mothers' views unless the oldest child had reached adolescence. (Author abstract)

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