Confronting father absence : a guide to renewing fatherhood in your community.

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Eberly, Don.
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This starter kit is designed to assist individuals seeking to develop programs in their communities to promote responsible fatherhood. It begins by explaining the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) and national movement to combat father absence. Chapter 2 reviews statistics on father absence, reasons for father absence, and the impact of father absence on children. Chapter 3 explains general strategies for conducting a preliminary assessment of community needs, developing a collaborative model, and becoming an effective cultural broker. The following chapter discusses building a local fatherhood initiative at the macro level. It addresses creating a nonprofit organization, building a board to advise the organization, fundraising, holding a Community Fatherhood Forum, mobilizing sectors in the community, developing a public awareness campaign, building a Father's Resource Center, developing a workshop for fathers, and creating alliances with public and private social-service providers. Strategies for reaching targeted population groups at the micro level are described in Chapter 5. Chapters 6 and 7 present 10 ways to work with mayors to make a city father-friendly and 10 ways to work with governors to make a State father-friendly. The final chapter reviews the benefits of affiliating with the NFI.

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