Conducting Studies with Fathers: Challenges and Opportunities.

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Applied Developmental Science
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Mitchell, Stephanie J.
See, Heather M.
Tarkow, Allison K. H.
Cabrera, Natasha.
McFadden, Karen E.
Shannon, Jacqueline D.
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Journal Article
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Traditionally, researchers interested in understanding father involvement in the lives of young children have relied on mothers as proxy respondents for fathers, yet recent research has made noteworthy strides in collecting data from fathers themselves yielding an unprecedented wealth of data on fathers' involvement in their children's lives. Despite this progress, there remain many methodological challenges in conducting studies with fathers and their children. Therefore, this article highlights several methodological challenges, including the identification of fathers, recruitment of fathers as participants, and retention of participants in small-scale studies with longitudinal designs, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of several strategies our research team and others have used to collect data from fathers. The paper concludes with a set of suggestions for improving methodological approaches in fatherhood research, as well as remaining challenges in this area of study. (Author abstract)

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