Child Support Awareness Month: A Look at How Child Support Is Evolving (NRFC Webinar)

Child Support Awareness Month
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National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse.
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August is Child Support Awareness Month. State and local child support offices are scheduling special events to focus on the importance of providing child support for children and highlight services available to help both custodial and noncustodial parents provide for their children on a regular basis. As we heard in our March 2013 and April 2015 NRFC webinars, child support programs are evolving at the national and state levels and moving away from “welfare cost recovery” models to “family centered practices” that emphasize accurate child support orders based on actual income, family distribution, debt prevention, and services to help noncustodial parents who need help obtaining steady employment. This August 2016 webinar recognized child support awareness month and discussed how fatherhood programs and local child support offices are working together to strengthen families.


Webinar Goals

Participants will improve their knowledge and understanding of:

  • How national and local child support policies and approaches are evolving.
  • The importance of paternity establishment for children, fathers, and mothers.
  • How child support order amounts are set, and how they can be modified when circumstances change.
  • Ways in which fatherhood programs and child support agencies can work together to ensure that fathers have access to employment services, accurate information about child support, and help with modification of orders and arrearages as appropriate. 
  • Examples of successful local partnerships between fatherhood programs and child support offices.
  • Resources for more information. 


  • Kelly Little, Mecklenburg County Office of Child Support Enforcement, Charlotte, NC
  • Cheri Tillis, Executive Vice President, Fathers’ Support Center, St. Louis, MO
  • James Murray, Senior Advisor, Office of Child Support Enforcement

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