Child Protective Services Investigations and the Transition to Foster Care: Children's Views.

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Families in Society
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Bogolub, Ellen B.
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Journal Article
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During a pilot qualitative study about children's views of Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations, the problem for study broadened to include children's views of the transition to foster care generally. Findings indicated that (1) the CPS investigation was not an emotionally charged topic for these respondents, and (2) respondents were ambivalent about foster care, liking many aspects while also missing birth parents. Respondents (most in care for the first time) were in care for nonemergency reasons, and for brief periods (1 to 5 months). These circumstances may have influenced the findings. In some cases, videotape supplemented audiotape of research interviews. Videotape proved useful, but not necessary to establish findings. Implications for research, practice, and policy are provided. (Author abstract)

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