Checklist: Representing Incarcerated Nonresident Fathers in Child Welfare Cases (Portion in Chapter 8 of Advocating for Nonresident Fathers in Child Welfare Court Cases).

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Creamer, Kathleen.
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ABA Center on Children and the Law.
National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System.
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Designed to assist advocates for nonresident fathers in child welfare cases, this checklist provides tips for representing incarcerated nonresident fathers in child welfare cases. Strategies for advocates are explained and include: know the Adoption and Safe Families Act's timeframes and how they may impact a client; learn laws regarding the father's rights to participate in hearings and visitation, and incarcerations as a basis to terminate parental rights; guide the father through the process by regular in-person and written communication; work with the child welfare agency to involve the father in permanency planning and to establish case plan goals for him; file written motions to ensure the client can appear in person at hearings; ensure visitation occurs in some form; and counsel the father on other permanency options and their legal effects if reunification cannot be achieved.

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