Building nurturing parenting skills in teenage parents. Final report.

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Bavolek, Stephen J.
Dellinger-Bavolek, Juliana.
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Family Development Resources, Inc.
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This report discusses the development, components, and evaluation of a home-based/group-based intervention program designed to increase the nurturing skills of teenage parents, treat the abusive parenting practices of teen parents, and prevent the initial occurrence of abusive parenting practices in teen mothers identified as high risk for physical and emotional maltreatment or neglect. The Nurturing Parenting Program for Teenage Parents and Their Families was validated by twelve agencies providing parent education to teenage parents throughout the country. A total of 178 teen parents (94% moms; 6% dads) participated in home-based and group-based programs. Pretest and posttest data gathered from the program indicated significant increases in age-appropriate parental expectations of children, a significant overall increase in the ability of teen parents to be empathically aware of the needs of their children, a significant decrease in the belief of corporal punishment as a means of disciplining children, and a significant decrease in reversing parent-child family roles. The teen parents were also administered an informal multiple choice quiz on behavior management, and results indicate a significant overall increase in knowledge of appropriate techniques to manage the behavior of young children. Finally, teen parents were asked to complete an evaluation of the program at the completion of the final session. Ninety-seven percent of the teen parents indicated the program had an overall positive impact on improving their parenting skills. The report concludes that the data generated from the field testing of the Nurturing Parenting Program for Teenage Parents and Their Families supports the reliability and validity of the program as a significant intervention for reducing the risk for child abuse and neglect among teenage parents. 3 references.

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