Black Adolescent Fathers: Issues for Service Provision.

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Social Work
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Smith, L. A.
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Journal Article
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In 1983 black adolescent mothers have accounted for nearly one in four births. The social work response has been limited in scope and routinely has excluded the partners of young mothers. Until recently, service providers viewed black adolescent fathers either as a cause of the problem of as a partial solution in their assigned role as a financial provider. This article looks at the need to focus more attention on the well being of black adolescent males as a means of providing more support for the whole family. The authors stress that the well-being of black males is threatened in several areas. They are often unemployed or under-employed, have a shorter life expectancy, and a higher suicide rate. While they tend to be a hard-to-reach population, those who do seek services from social service agencies request job training and instruction in child rearing skills. Once they realized aid was being offered, they responded enthusiastically. Social service personnel are challenged by the black adolescent father. But more study and adaptation in existing programs are required to meet his needs.

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