Beyond Isolation: Developing Social Capital

Session Date and Time
Summit Session Moderator(s)
Carol Mizoguchi, Family Assistance Program Specialist, Office of Family Assistance, Washington, D.C.
Summit Session Presenter(s)
Dr. Armon Perry, Project Director/Associate Professor, 4 Your Child/University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
Lyman Legters, Senior Director, Casey Family Programs, Greenbelt, Maryland
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Dr. Armon. Legters
Author (Organization)
4 Your Child/University of Louisville. Casey Family Programs.
Resource Type
Fatherhood Summit Session
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Social capital refers to the social networks and structural and environmental factors that affect the ability of individuals to succeed. Higher social capital helps to build bridges, reduce barriers, and provide leverage to upward mobility. Many fathers affected by intergenerational poverty, incarceration, and other socioeconomic challenges lack the social capital to escape cycles of crises. Often, these fathers are isolated in adverse environments and trapped in unhealthy interpersonal relationships. Program activities to improve the socioeconomic situations of these fathers must focus on opening new pathways of opportunities and relationships. In short, the programs must improve fathers’ social capital.
In this session, presenters will discuss what social capital is and how it relates to socioeconomic outcomes. They will describe various barriers associated with low social capital and share promising models of how to increase fathers’ and families’ social capital and strengthen their resiliency.

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