Is All Bullying the Same?

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Archives of Public Health
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Zhang, Lihui.
Osberg, Lars.
Phipps, Shelly.
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Journal Article
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Background: We ask whether verbal abuse, threats of violence and physical assault among Canadian youth have the same determinants and whether these determinants are the same for boys and girls. If these are different, the catchall term "bullying" may mis-specify analysis of what are different types of behavior.

Methods: We analyze five cohorts of Canadian youth aged 12-15 from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY). There are 11475 observations in total. Pearson's correlation coefficients and six different multivariate strategies are used.

Results: There are many faces to bullying, in terms of its form and relative frequencies for boys versus girls. Although some characteristics of an adolescent are strong predictors of being subject to more than one type of bullying, some other characteristics correlate with specific types of bullying.

Conclusions: The many faces of bullying, and their correlation with different factors, imply different policy interventions need to address each issue effectively. (Author abstract modified)

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