African American Paternal Grandmothers' Satisfaction With the Fathering Practices of Their Teenage Sons.

Journal Name
Journal of Family Issues
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Reddock, Ebony.
Caldwell, Cleopatra Howard.
Antonucci, Toni C.
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Journal Article
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African American paternal grandmothers serve an important role in influencing teenage fathers’ involvement with their children in that grandmothers’ support of their sons’ fathering practices is associated with increased father involvement. We used qualitative data from 53 paternal grandmothers to compare satisfaction with teenage sons’ fathering practices with their expectations for ideal fathering and identify reasons for inconsistencies between the two. Paternal grandmothers characterized three practices (providing financial support, being attentive, and performing day-to-day care) that were key to their satisfaction with their sons’ fathering practices. These characterizations mostly overlapped with their expectations for ideal practice. When inconsistencies between expectations and satisfaction were noted, we identified three ways grandmothers interpreted satisfaction with fathering practices. These results have implications for research on teenage fatherhood and interventions meant to enhance teenage fathers’ involvement in rearing their children. (Author Abstract)

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