Advanced Fatherhood Training Curriculum Package.

Year Published
Author (Organization)
National Family Preservation Network.
Resource Type
Training Materials
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The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) Advanced Fatherhood Training Curriculum was developed in response to feedback from practitioners asking how to engage fathers, especially when they are resistant or reluctant to get involved with their children. This curriculum focuses on the skills needed to engage fathers and best practice in working with fathers.

The AFTC training package contains:

- 30-page manual featuring: differences in fathers' and mothers' communication and parenting styles; strategies for overcoming obstacles to father involvement; helpful hints when engaging fathers; case examples identifying specific skills to use to engage fathers; and a section for administrators on agency policies, competency levels, and research findings that promote father-friendly practice.

- 30-minute video on best practice featuring: administrators' perspectives on creating a father-friendly agency, success stories from practitioners on engaging and involving fathers in their children's lives; insights from fathers on how they became engaged and involved with their children, and essays from school-age children on what their fathers mean to them.

- Formats for small group or classroom style training and a PowerPoint Presentation are included in the training package. Also included are policies and competency levels that can be used to establish and measure an agency's progress in father engagement and involvement. (Author abstract)

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