Adolescent Fathers Who Are Incarcerated Juvenile Offenders : Explanatory Study of the Co-Occurrence of Two Problem Behaviors.

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Journal of Child and Family Studies
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Unruh, Deanne.
Bullis, Michael.
Yovanoff, Paul.
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Journal Article
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We identify explanatory risk variables associated with the co-occurrence of two problem behaviors: juvenile offending and adolescent fatherhood. Data were gathered from a 5-year prospective, longitudinal study of 531 incarcerated juvenile offenders as they transitioned from youth correction facilities back into the community. Of the total sample, 125 (28.3%) of the male participants reported fatherhood before their 20th birthday. Six risk variables were predictive of adolescent fatherhood in this sample: (a) gang member, (b) resided with non-biological parent as primary caretaker, (c) low SES, (d) child of parent with alcoholism, (e) low mother education, and (f) family member convicted of a felony. These variables were then placed in individual, family, and social domains. Cumulative probabilities identified family related variables as the primary domain contributing to the predictive multivariate model. These results provide support for the development of prevention and interventions strategies focused across multiple ecological contexts, focusing specifically on the family unit. (Author abstract)

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