Accountability and connection with abusive men : a new child protection response to increasing family safety.

Year Published
Author (Individual)
Mederos, Fernando.
Author (Organization)
Massachussetts Department of Social Services, Domestic Violence Unit.
Family Violence Prevention Fund.
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Plans to ensure the safety of children in homes affected by domestic violence must include interventions with batterers to alleviate the threat to all family members. This guide produced by the Massachusetts Department of Social Services Domestic Violence Unit describes strategies for interviewing and working with abusers. Emphasis is placed on holding offenders accountable for their behavior and providing motivations for change. A system for assessing dangerousness and risk for the social worker and nonabusive parent is discussed. Chapters review the influence of race, class, culture, and ethnicity and examine considerations for clinical evaluation. Psychoeducational Batterer Intervention Programs with court supervision are recommended to help the batterer to accept the inappropriateness of domestic violence and improve response skills. Additional services such as psychopharmacological treatment for mental illness and individual therapy might be necessary. Service plans also should consider provisions for substance abuse treatment, regular psychological evaluation, random drug tests, the termination of abuse, and permission for agencies to share information. 22 notes.

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