The Absent Father in Child Neglect.

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Social Service Review
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Polansky, N. A.
Chalmers, M. A.
Buttenwieser, E.
Williams, D. P.
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Journal Article
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One hundred twenty-five low-income families, including 46 referred as neglectful, were studied to determine the effect of paternal absence on child development. Two contrasting hypotheses were examined: (1) that the father contributes directly in income and household maintenance, and indirectly by bolstering the mother's morale; and (2) that the mother's personality structure is the major determinant of how well her children live and of the sort of father her children will have. Results related paternal absence to markedly lower income and to decreased physical care for the child, both in the average and neglectful low-income families. However, paternal absence had less effect on the child's cognitive and emotional development. 19 references. “
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