The Abolition of Marriage: How We Destroy Lasting Love.

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Gallagher, Maggie.
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Marriage is disappearing as a cultural norm in America, with disastrous consequences for the social and economic stability that depend on it.

That's the reality that Maggie Gallagher asks us to face-- and to change-- in this revealing look at marriage in America today. Artfully weaving poignant true-life accounts with sobering research findings, Gallagher shows how legal, cultural, and economic factors have combined to create a "post-marital culture" that punishes commitment to spouse and children, and rewards irresponsibility.

Gallagher delivers a jolting wake-up call to political leaders and opinion-makers on both the left and the right, whom she excoriates for ignoring the crisis. Yet she remains hopeful. Just as we brought the problem on ourselves, she argues, so can we solve it. And she points the way with concrete, workable proposals for restoring the foundation of American marriage, and rediscovering the adventure of married love. (Author abstract)

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