The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers : Becoming the Father Your Children Need.

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Canfield, Ken R.
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Chapter 1. The Voices of Effective Fathers; Chapter 2. Applying the Seven Secrets; Chapter 3. Secret 1: Commitment; Chapter 4: Secret 2: Knowing Your Child; Chapter 5: Secret 3: Consistency; Chapter 6. Secret 4: Protecting and Providing; Chapter 7: Secret 5: Loving Their Mother; Chapter 8: Secret 6: Active Listening; Chapter 9. Secret 7: Spiritual Equipping; Chapter 10: The Eighth Secret; Appendices: About the Research; Fatherlessness: A National Epidemic; Resources From the National Center for Fathering; The Mike Harper Story; Development of a Questionnaire to Measure the Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers; the 7 Secrets Profile; A Guide for Group Study.

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