NRFC Tips for Professionals

Written specifically to support fatherhood professionals, these brief practice- and evidence-based pieces focused on topics to help fatherhood programs operate more effectively.
All Tips for Fatherhood Professionals
Depression among Urban Fathers with Young Children: A Research Report with Tips for Responsible Fatherhood Programs and Stakeholders (2016)
The Benefits of Fathers Reading to Their Children: Tips for Fatherhood Programs and Dads (2016)
NRFC Research Brief: Healthy Fathers, Healthy Families (2015)
Implementing Parent Education in Fatherhood Programs: Putting Lessons from Research into Practice (2014)
Using Documentation and Data in Responsible Fatherhood Programs (2013)
Forging Effective Responsible Fatherhood Partnerships: A Research-to-Practice Brief (2012)
Recruiting and Retaining Men in Responsible Fatherhood Programs: A Research-to-Practice Brief (2012)
Compendium of Curricula Used by Fatherhood Programs (2011)
Fatherhood Programming In Correctional Settings: Selecting A Curriculum (2009)
Engaging Fathers in Head Start (2009)
Lights! Camera! Dads! Using Films to Engage Fathers (2009)
Staff Selection: What's Important for Fatherhood Programs? (2009)
Staff Coaching: What's Important for Fatherhood Programs? (2009)
Building Community Partnerships: What's Important for Fatherhood Programs? (2009)
Recruiting Men into Fatherhood Programs : Tips for Program Professionals (2008)
Tips for Retaining Participants in Fatherhood Programs : Wisdom from the Field (2008)
Training Program Staff : Five Tips for Fatherhood Programs (2008)
Consumer Guidelines to Selecting Curriculum For Use in Fatherhood Programs (2008)