How to Strengthen Participant Attendance and Why it Matters

Group of Dads

Fatherhood Research and Practice Network (FRPN) recently reviewed 21 studies of fatherhood programs to identify program policies associated with high rates of attendance, and how program outcomes differed for fathers with varying rates of attendance. We found that while attendance is a problem for most fatherhood programs, with fathers attending half or fewer sessions, the following program formats appear to help:

NRFC Webinar Series: Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention for Responsible Fatherhood Programs: Lessons Learned, September 19, 2018 [Helpful Resources]

Getting fathers through the door is one of the biggest challenges faced by fatherhood programs, but then it is important to keep them involved while you work towards positive outcomes for them and their families.

Setting Aside ADHD to be a Better Parent and Husband

Blog author Jon Morin and son

Like many parents, my time is split among work, household duties, errands, managing finances and appointments, spending time with the kids and being a supportive partner to my wife. I also have ADHD and struggle with attention, focus, time management and memory. All of which are things that I’m trying to teach my kids to manage. And they have learning and attention issues, too. Sounds like a mess, right?