As part of the NRFC’s efforts to support the responsible fatherhood field, the NRFC hosts a Webinar series. Originally directed toward the Office of Family Assistance-funded Responsible Fatherhood grantee programs, these Webinars focus on a range of programmatic topics, including working with specific populations, evaluation support, and program implementation tools.

NRFC September 2019 Webinar: Tips For Fathers: Helping Children Manage Screen Time and the Online World

Tips For Fathers: Helping Children Manage Screen Time and the Online World
The use of digital media by children and adolescents, including interactive and social media, has... Read More

NRFC July 2019 Webinar: The Importance of Co-Parenting and Relationship Skills: Helping Fathers Help Their Children

July2019 Webinar Thumbnail
Many fatherhood program participants balance complicated situations and relationships. They may... Read More

NRFC May 2019 Webinar: Tips for Practitioners: Talking with Fathers about Early Child Development

May 2019 Webinar Thumbnail
Webinar presenters discussed the role of fathers in child development and offer tips for... Read More

NRFC February 2019 Webinar: Working with Fathers after Incarceration

February 2019 Webinar Thumbnail
Research has shown that fathers returning to their families and communities after a period of... Read More

NRFC September 2018 Webinar: Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention for Responsible Fatherhood Programs: Lessons Learned

Father with kids in nature
Getting fathers through the door is one of the biggest challenges faced by fatherhood programs, but... Read More

Parenting and Relationship Skills: Fathers as Teachers and Role Models for their Children (NRFC Webinar)

Father standing with arm around teenage son
To be a good teacher and role model for their children, fathers need a combination of parenting,... Read More