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Dad Jokes - Dorris

Dad Jokes: Dorris
Dorris tells his favorite dad joke.

Dad Jokes - Anthony - Spanish

Dad Jokes: Anthony
Chistes en Español - Anthony

Dad Jokes - Ezra - Spanish

Chistes en Español - Ezra

Dad Jokes :30

dad jokes thumbnail
Kids tell some of their favorite dad jokes in this 30 second installment.

Dad Jokes (60 sec.)

[photo] Young son and dad smiling, son sitting on dad's lap with his arm around dad's neck. [text] Take time to be a dad today.
Watch as kids tell (and laugh at!) some of their favorite "dad jokes". The best part about the... Read More


Infant song giggles while reading with dad. It only takes a moment to make a moment.
Infant song giggles while reading with dad.It Only Takes a Moment to Make a Moment.[To view... Read More