How to FIRE Up an Investment-Worthy Case for Program Support.

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Smoot, Bernice Sanders.
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Saint Wall Street, LLC.
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Fatherhood Summit
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Legislators and nonprofit funders say they are looking for evidence of return on investment. The Saint Wall Street “Program Return on Investment (PROI)” model has helped fatherhood and other family service programs across America demonstrate this important value and use it to substantially increase support for their programs.
This session will help fatherhood programs assess their case-making value based on three questions: What is the problem? How is my program different and better at solving the problem? Where is the proof?
Participants also will learn how to use a PROI case to:
  • Build or strengthen brand identity in ways that make the program stand out
  • Lead value-consciously to save money and make the program worth more money
  • Qualify for more and larger funding opportunities
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