Getting Fired Up About Your Grant Proposal: Successful Strategies.

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Patterson, Patrick.
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Global Partners for Fathers and Families.
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Fatherhood Summit
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Learning how to write grant proposals is vital for funding and sustaining the important work that is changing lives in many communities across the country. Nevertheless, many new agencies—and veteran ones as well—can find it challenging to secure grant funding.
This session will provide step-by-step instructions to create stronger grant applications. The presenter will discuss proven tips and strategies, including how to prepare before a proposal is written, what advance research to conduct, and what language to use. The presentation will provide a sample sponsorship letter and a sample budget.
In this session, participants will learn how to:
  • Draft more effective grant proposals and applications
  • Articulate community needs and a program model in a proposal
  • Create a sound budget that supports program design
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