Fatherhood: Research, Interventions and Policies.

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Peters, H. E. (Editor), Peterson, G. W. (Editor), Steinmetz, S. K. (Editor), Day, R. D. (Editor)
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Written for the October 1996 Conference on Father Involvement, the papers in this volume examine the effect of father involvement on child development and the patterns and determinants of father involvement in intact and separated families. The papers represent the diverse perspectives of anthropology, demography, economics, family science, psychology, and sociology. Specific topics include: the history of research about father involvement, cultural factors, the impact of parental activities on child outcomes, child well-being in families receiving welfare, and the effect of marital quality and divorce on parent-child relationships. Strategies for conceptualizing father involvement and implications for public policy also are addressed. In general, the papers highlight the diversity in father involvement across time and culture, and in response to logistics, child custody laws, and social norms. Numerous references, notes, figures, and tables.