Father Power.

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Biller, H., Meredith, D.
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Due to manifold societal pressures, the role of the father in relation to his children has eroded in recent times. Guidelines which intend to lead to a revitalization of the father's potential for determining the directions of child development, restoring the father's sense of identity in the family unit, and assuming profound familial responsibilities are given. Fathering skills are developed to extend conventional father-family interactions as well as special family situations, which include divorced, adoptive, older, handicapped, widowed, unwed, black, and stepfathers. Without a change of the father's basic role, the steps toward paternal neglect may result in children who are characterized by delinquency, abnormal achievement motivation, inadequate reward gratification tolerance, unsure sexual roles, and inordinate propensities for sibling rivalry. Numerous references.