Connecting Fathers and Families Through Child Support.

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Hurst, John., Dennis-Gear, Kiska., Davis, Charlie., Walker, Karen., Wood, Patti.
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Georgia Department of Human Services., Tennessee Department of Human Services.
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Fatherhood Summit
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The child support program plays an important role to help fathers gain access to resources they need to move their families toward self-sufficiency. In this session, state child support staff will discuss how they can partner with fatherhood programs to better equip fathers to meet their child support obligations.
Presenters will help dispel myths and negative stereotypes about the child support program. They will describe promotional strategies that can counter misleading information about the intent and goal of the child support program.
Presenters will show how child support staff can help fathers prepare for work, overcome legal
challenges, address substance abuse, and deal with behavioral health issues so they can be involved in their children’s lives. The panel will also discuss how fatherhood programs can develop effective partnerships with state and local child support offices. Panel members will particularly highlight two important child support tools that can assist fathers: modifying child support orders and reinstating licenses.
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