Child Support Cases Without Support Orders: Three-year Outcomes

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Demyan, Natalie. Passarella, Letitia Logan.
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University of Maryland School of Social Work, Family Welfare Research and Training Group
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The University of Maryland School of Social Work has regularly created descriptive profiles of the public child support caseload as part of an ongoing partnership with the Maryland Child Support Administration (CSA). These profiles have focused on the characteristics and trends of cases with either current child support orders, arrears balances, or both. However, there is a substantial minority of cases that do not have any orders—these cases have comprised between 20% and 25% of caseloads in recent years (Gleason & Passarella, 2017). Nationally, U.S. Census data shows that only half of all custodial parents had child support orders in 2009 (Grall, 2016), so this is not unique to Maryland nor is it an isolated phenomenon. (Author abstract modified)