Bringing Back the Dads.

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United States. Children's Bureau., American Humane., American Bar Association., National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System.
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Fact Sheet
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This brief discusses the increasing number of households that have non-resident fathers and the results of a study of 1,958 children who were removed from the home where the father did not reside. Telephone interviews with 1,222 caseworkers indicated: 88% of the non-resident fathers were identified; 55% had fathers who had been contacted by the caseworker; 30% of the fathers visited their child; and 28% of the fathers expressed interest in their children living with them. It describes the purpose and proposed activities of a federally funded 5-year project designed to sponsor research and develop a National Quality Improvement Center that will focus on non-resident fathers and the child welfare system.