Adoptive and Biological Fathers' Enjoyment of First-Time Fathering.

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Finley, G. E.
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This study was designed to explore possible differences between adoptive and biological fathers in terms of how much they enjoyed being involved in child care and child rearing activities with their young children. Anonymous questionnaires were returned by 85 adoptive and 98 biological first-time fathers with one child age three or younger. The results indicated that adoptive fathers derived greater enjoyment from their involvement in their children's lives than did biological fathers. Interestingly, the two most significant items were enjoy caring for a dependent human being and enjoy holding and hugging baby. The strongest differences between adoptive and biological fathers thus appear to involve the factors of nurturance and strong, positive physical affect that result from overcoming the difficulty involved in the adoption process. (Author abstract modified) 6 references, 1 table.