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The RIDGE Project is providing healthy marriage, responsible fatherhood, and workforce development services to families dealing with incarceration and to returning citizens in communities throughout Ohio. 
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TODAY Takes Action
NBC’s TODAY Show created a series of television public service ads, featuring TODAY’s anchors. The father of three children, Matt Lauer is featured in a PSA that reminds dads of the critical role they play in their childrens' lives.
Fatherhood Buzz
Fatherhood Buzz
Neighborhood barbershops are community hubs for many men and a gathering place for fathers and children. Learn more what community partners and barbershops across the country have been doing to spread the Buzz about responsible fatherhood.
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Check out Federal Programs and Resources
The White House has partnered with a number of other Federal Departments to promote programs, resources and activities that support fathers in local communities.

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The Departments of Health and Human Services and Education have partnered to launch a coordinated effort to encourage developmental and behavioral screening and support for children, families and...

Marc is an honor student in middle school. He’s a typical teenager who likes video games, loves his two family dogs. Before being adopted at age seven by his dad Paul, Marc lived a life of turmoil...

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Track It Down – Keep a Money Diary Together.

As kids begin earning money – whether from an allowance, picking up chores, or doing odd jobs (like babysitting or mowing the neighbor’s lawn) – it’s important to start learning responsible habits. A great place to start is to keep a Money Diary. Consider a two week challenge for you and your teen where you write down all the money coming in for that period, and all the...