Help With PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF documents on our website. PDF documents are marked with a (PDF File) at the end of the link.


You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website.

How To Use

After installing Acrobat Reader, double-click a PDF file to start Acrobat Reader and view the file. Or you can start Acrobat Reader first, then choose File > Open to view a PDF file.
If you are opening up a PDF from the internet, it will generally open Acrobat Reader inside your browser window.

Searching For Text

You can search for text by selecting "Find" from the "Tools" pull-down menu or by clicking the "binoculars" button on the far right of the tool bar. A "Find" window is displayed.

Page Numbering

Page numbering in a PDF file is displayed in the lower left corner of the Acrobat Reader screen. The page number Adobe assigns to a page and the page number printed on the document don't always match up because Adobe assigns page 1 as the first page which can sometimes be the cover page of a document.

Navigating Through a Document

You can navigate through a page or document using the following tools:

  • Hand Button: To move around on a page click the "hand" button. Press the left mouse button and the hand becomes a fist, grabbing the page. With the mouse button held down you can move the page around in the window.
  • Scroll Bar: Another way to move around on a page is to use the scroll bar on the right.
  • View: Use the "View" pull down menu at the top to move to a defined page.
  • Arrow Keys: The arrow keys in the tool bar let you move to first, previous, next or last page. The double or larger arrow keys in the tool bar let you move back or forward through any jumps you might have made.
  • Page Indicator: The page indicator button at the bottom of the screen displays a page icon and the text showing your current page and the total pages in the document. Click on it to select a "go to" page.

Resizing a Document

If you have trouble seeing the text on the document you can resize it so it displays bigger on your screen. Use the following tools to resize a document:

  • View: The "View" pull-down menu has five pre-set sizes (Actual, Fit Page, etc.) as well as a "Zoom to…" option which lets you select a variety of magnifications for the document.
  • Magnifying Glass: The "+" and "-" magnifying glass buttons provide zoom in and zoom out capability, respectively. Click on one of these buttons then click on your document to increase or decrease the size.
  • Magnification Indicator: The magnification indicator button at the bottom of the screen always displays the current document size. When you click on it, you can choose from a variety of pre-set magnifications and configurations. You can also select "Other…" which lets you enter any magnification you want, for 12 - 800%.
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