Activities of the Week

Take Time to Be a Dad Today! Here are some suggestions for easy, no-cost or low-cost ways to spend meaningful time with your family. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so some of these activities might not be possible for you and your children.

"Explore, Learn, and Protect!"

September 27, 2015 to October 3, 2015

Help your child become a Junior Ranger through the National Park Service. Together, you can learn more about what is underwater, how fossils are formed, exploring the wilderness, and more. You can also find Junior Ranger Activity Pages for a specific park near you.

Play with your food (and build math skills)!

September 20, 2015 to September 26, 2015

Make lunch time an opportunity to work on your child's logic and spatial reasoning with Tangram Puzzle Sandwiches. This fun activity allows children to create pictures using the shapes from their tangram "puzzle." To learn how, go to PBS Parents Adventures in Learning

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

September 13, 2015 to September 19, 2015

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each September 15 - October 15 in the United States and is a great opportunity to learn about Hispanic culture and history with your child. Check out the Smithsonian's Hispanic Heritage Month resources with interactive timelines, quizzes, and activities to learn more! 

Getting Involved at School

September 6, 2015 to September 12, 2015

Studies show students perform better when mothers and fathers are both involved in the education of their children. Look for ways to get involved at your child’s schools this year! Join or start a local group – like the PTA ( or a program for dads, like Watch D.O.G.S. ( or All Pro Dad (

Talk safe driving.

August 30, 2015 to September 5, 2015

It's never too early to talk to your teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving. The 2015 national drunk driving enforcement crackdown, "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over," goes into effect across the country from August 19 to September 7, 2015. Take the time to have this important conversation today.

Check out some back to school crafts.

August 23, 2015 to August 29, 2015

Get your child ready for the return to school with back-to-school crafts available from PBS. Try this recipe for DIY paper made from materials found around the house!

Happy birthday Park Service!

August 16, 2015 to August 22, 2015

August marks the 99th birthday of the National Park Service! Get a little extra time enjoying the fresh air with your kids before they go back to school. Check out a national park near you!

August 10th marks the birthday of the Smithsonian Institute.

August 9, 2015 to August 15, 2015

Check out their website for interactive activities, including this virtual dinosaur exhibit, available right in your home!