Activities of the Week

Take Time to Be a Dad Today! Here are some suggestions for easy, no-cost or low-cost ways to spend meaningful time with your family. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so some of these activities might not be possible for you and your children.

Check out the sky.

June 28, 2015 to July 4, 2015

Spend a night stargazing with your kids. If you can find a space to lay on the lawn, or sit on the porch and look out at the night sky, take some time to sit and look up. Research constellations (try this free sky map for kids) or talk about what might be going on out there in space, and about what is going on at home.

Listen closely.

June 21, 2015 to June 26, 2015

We all get busy and distracted. It can be hard to prioritize where to put our attention. Take time, no matter how busy you may feel, to stop and listen to your children. It will show them that they are the top priority in your life. You may be surprised by what you learn!

Be a #DynamicDad.

June 14, 2015 to June 20, 2015

Dynamic Dads are the ones that take action! Dads that spend time, show love, and encourage healthy behavior in their children. Play tag, read together before bed, or hug your children for no reason other than they are near you.

Do it together.

June 7, 2015 to June 13, 2015

As summer gets underway, and kids get out of school, it can be tough to fit in all that needs to get done. Involve kids in the chores and errands that need to get done. Bring them into the grocery store, or work together to mow the lawn. Every day activities are a great way to spend time together.


May 31, 2015 to June 6, 2015

Challenge your kids to a friendly, active competition like tag or touch football. Consider inviting their friends, and their parents, to join the fun. Be supportive of everyone's efforts. You'll help build healthy habits, good sportsmanship, and strong relationships. 

Say Thank You to Your Kids.

May 31, 2015 to June 6, 2015

Saying 'thank you' to your children not only lets them feel loved and appreciated, it also helps teach them the importance of showing thanks to others. How? Say it, spend time together, or give them a card. Get more ideas just how to say Thanks! and find more family activities on

Make something old new again.

May 24, 2015 to May 30, 2015

Organize a "Clothes Swap Potluck" with neighbors and friends to swap gently used children clothes. Kids can go ‘shopping’ for items that are new to them, and parents can save some money on brand new items.

Take the long road.

May 17, 2015 to May 23, 2015

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month. Looking for a way to add some extra activity to your family's routine? Park your car as far away as possible so you have to walk a longer distance from your destination. Even better, walk or cycle to run errands in your community. Find more tips on ways to stay healthy on