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Neighborhood barbershops are a trusted space to discuss personal and public issues, ranging from family to politics, health, money, and other life issues.  Fatherhood Buzz is an effort to increase awareness around responsible fatherhood and parenting issues, and increase families access to support through local barbershops throughout the country.  Fatherhood Buzz events take place up to four times throughout the year, typically on Saturdays.

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Child looking in a mirror at a barbershop.Building strong partnerships and strong families takes more than a weekend. Past Fatherhood Buzz events provided many tips and resources for fathers, barbershops, and community partners. Find ways to keep the “buzz” going here!

The next Fatherhood Buzz: Healthy Relationships takes place on February 22, 2014! Find out more about participating by emailing info@fatherhood.gov.

February 2014: Healthy Relationships 

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Consejos prácticos para padres relaciónes saludables

Regardless of marital status, children deserve to have a healthy, loving relationship with their parents who are actively involved in their lives. Children prosper when they know they are loved by both parents!

Parents in a healthy relationship feel safe to express themselves respect each other’s opinions and can resolve conflict without anger. Both parents need honest, open communication for the benefit of their children.

The building blocks of a healthy relationship are:

  • Communication: Practice Active listening. Repeat what has been said in your own words, making sure you heard right.
  • Conflict Resolution Without Anger: Respectfully acknowledging the other person’s feelings and opinions.
  • Remember to Say “I’m Sorry”: Forgiveness and compassion are healing.
  • Don’t Point Fingers: Accept personal responsibilities rather than assigning blame.
  • React with Kindness: Children and parents respond positively to kindness and courtesy.

Research Sources:

Past Efforts:

Fall 2013: Men’s Health

  • Fathers who model a healthy lifestyle can have a powerful and positive impact upon the development and health of their children.
  • Engage in physical activity with your children. Take a walk, go swimming or playing catch.
  • Eat and prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family.
  • Visit your local community health center to get information about no or low cost health care for you and your family.

Tips in Spanish - Consejos prácticos para padres: Ser un Padre Saludable

June 2013: Father Engagement

  • Make the most of the time that you spend with your children.
  • Read to your baby early and often.
  • Remember you are their role model - they hear everything you say and watch everything you do.
  • As your child questions and volunteer at his/hear school.
  • Say "I love you" often.

January 2013: Volunteering and Mentoring

  • Encourage families to volunteer together
  • Finding volunteer opportunities
  • Find a mentoring program
  • Starting your own volunteer Project: Federal Resources

September 2012: Back to School

  • Facts on the importance of father involvement in education
  • Tips for a successful school year
  • NRFC Webinar: Effective Strategies for Increasing Father Involvement in Schools

June 2012: Parenting and Employment

  • Tips and activities for parents
  • Money management tips
  • Job search tips and connecting to a Job Club


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