DadTalk Blog: What’s the Buzz in Raleigh?

What’s the Buzz in Raleigh?

Family Resource Center of Raleigh Fatherhood Buzz, Volunteers at TableMany people in North Carolina’s Raleigh/Durham area have been talking about the buzz in their area recently.  The buzz is coming from Raleigh’s Family Resource Center (FRC) as they raise awareness about responsible fatherhood and parenting by participating in the Fatherhood Buzz Barbershop Tour sponsored by the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. 

FRC’s participation in the Fatherhood Buzz Barbershop Tour kicked off in June during Father’s Day weekend at Park West Barber School in Durham, NC.  Fathers were treated to doughnuts, coffee and juice courtesy of a local donut franchise while participating in an open discussion about fatherhood related issues.  The conversation gave men the opportunity to express how they felt about fatherhood and provide positive resolutions for some of the problems that the community is facing.  FRC also distributed information and resources that would be helpful to the men along their fatherhood journey.  Participants also received information about FRC’s P.U.L.S.E. program which promotes the values of healthy relationships by tackling topics like communication skills, managing emotions, relationship compatibility, and more.

Since the barbershop is the cornerstone of many communities, FRC decided that holding these events regularly is a great way to reach out to men, provide them with valuable parenting tools and support, and invite them to participate in regular events like FRC’s annual conference held each June. 

Family Resource Center of Raleigh Fatherhood Buzz, Staff at Table

In the four months since the Buzz tour kicked off, FRC has reached over 100 men providing them with resources to help them understand the importance of fatherhood.   Men from all walks of life have participated in the Buzz; former gang members, pastors, law enforcement agents, great grandfathers, and other men in the community who want to make a difference in the lives of our youth.  The conversations that take place during these events are priceless.  Discussions have covered topics such as gang violence, visitation, father’s rights, child support, and other issues that are affecting men in the community.


FRC is spreading the Fatherhood Buzz into four more counties as the program continues to offer avenues for fathers to gain education about responsible parenting. 

Learn more about Family Resource Center of Raleigh.

Dion Chavis, Education Case Manager Project PULSE, Family Resource Center of Raleigh

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What’s the Buzz in Raleigh?

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