DadTalk Blog: What’s the "Buzz" About Parenting?

What’s the "Buzz" About Parenting?

Recent studies reveal that the approximately 24 million children in the United States living apart from their biological fathers are two to three times more likely to be poor, abuse drugs and alcohol, experience emotional, health, behavioral and education problems, and engage in criminal activity.

How are American communities and organizations responding?

In response, the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NFRC) has been partnering with communities and organizations across the nation through Fatherhood Buzz, an initiative to support barbershops in connecting dads with local resources to help build strong families.

In the South Bronx, the Osborne Association’s Fatherhood Initiative, a program that works with formerly incarcerated fathers and their children, has partnered with Fatherhood Buzz to give resources and tips for parenting to their participants.

What kinds of tips for parenting do they teach?

  • Spend time with your child, use every moment with your child to create positive memories
  • Keep your promises that you made to your child, this builds trust between you and your child
  • Celebrate your child’s accomplishments, praising your child gives them confidence and encourages them to keep trying to pursue what is right
  • Consistently tell your sons and daughters that you love them, remind them that you love them for who they are, not for what they have done

Osborne’s Fatherhood Initiative not only teaches these Fatherhood Buzz Tips in the classroom, but they provide fathers the opportunity to use these tips by attending special events with their children. Recently, Osborne’s Fatherhood Initiative organized and provided for their participants and their children to attend a Yankee’s game, visit the New York Aquarium, and explore the Bronx Zoo. These events provided an avenue for fathers to create special memories and build trust with their child(ren).

Interested in Fatherhood Buzz tips you could use at home with your child?

Creating special moments with your children helps strengthen your relationship, improve communication, and improve their self-esteem. Spending quality time together doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some ideas to get started!

  • Tell your favorite childhood stories to your children
  • Read aloud to your child
  • Share old photos of yourself
  • Prepare a family meal together
  • Turn off the TV and play a board game together
  • Do an outside activity with your children, like a nature walk, gardening, or bike riding
  • Do an arts and crafts project, like creating a family album or draw pictures

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What’s the "Buzz" About Parenting?

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