DadTalk Blog: Sharing Your Program’s Story

Sharing Your Program’s Story

Imagine you’re running a fatherhood program. Walking in your door are men with children. With questions, issues, maybe feeling like they’re not good enough. Walking out your door are Dads. Men who are reconnecting with their kids, communicating better with their partners, feeling worthy, and while they still have questions and issues they know where they can find support.

You’re doing great work and you know it – but does anyone else? On July 13, 2013, the L.A. Fathers Program from the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was featured in the Los Angeles Times (Children's Hospital L.A. program reaches out to teen dads). The program funded through the Office of Family Assistance is making strides with young fathers and families in L.A. Through this article, the program was able to share their message and program with millions of readers through the article.

There are many ways to share your program’s story. Sharing your program’s story can help recruit new participants, gain buy-in from leadership in your organization, and help capture and secure funding. Find some best practices and useful tips to tell your program’s story and engage with local media here on

Responsible Fatherhood Toolkit: Build Your Program, Communications, Work with Media

  • Contacting local media is an effective way to gain momentum for a fatherhood program. These tips and resources for effectively communicating your message can be applied to programs of all sizes.
  • A key to working effectively with any media outlet is to be able to tell compelling stories about the program’s services and impacts on participants. Interviews can be great vehicles for telling a program’s success stories, but they can backfire if the interviewees are not fully prepared.
  • These interview tips for before and during an interview can guide you through a successful media interview for print or in front of a camera (or microphone).

June 2011 Webinar: Telling the Story: Documenting and Disseminating Stories of Program Success

  • A big part of fatherhood work is helping fathers “tell their story” to themselves, their children and their partners. As John Badalament pointed out in the April 2011 webinar, it is important that fathers “be known” to their children. It is also important that your fatherhood program be known to the community, particularly to potential participants and funders.
  • This webinar featured presentations from Hammon Kellegrew, Ph.D, Director at Strategies Central Region in Camarillo, CA and Andrew Freeberg, Ph.D, Director of Quality and Evaluation at Goodwill Easter Seals in Minneapolis, MN.

Share some of your program’s success stories and promising practices for telling your story at Help@FatherhoodGov.Info and on Facebook and Twitter.

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Sharing Your Program’s Story

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