OFA Highlights: Tips For Fatherhood Group Facilitators: A Video Resource Guide

Publication Date
September 8, 2014

On July 28, 2014, the Office of Family Assistance and the Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood Technical Assistance team unveiled their Tips for Fatherhood Group Facilitators: A Video Resource Guide. The guide is available for free online.OFA Highlights Tips For Fatherhood Group Facilitators A Video Resource Guide

This video resource guide for fatherhood practitioners presents some general tips for group facilitators and includes a number of short video clips to illustrate some of the key points. Discussion questions are included that can be used to guide group sharing of different ideas, approaches, and techniques, as well as self-reflection on personal strengths and "growth areas."

Participation in peer learning and support groups is a key ingredient of many fatherhood programs. When done effectively, group sessions can be the “glue” that keeps men involved in a wider program and leads to powerful life changes for them and their families. Effective group programs are built on a foundation of trust that encourages self-reflection, personal sharing, peer support, and ongoing growth.

Additional information on Working with Dads One-to-One and in Groups – including facilitation tips and working with a co-facilitator - can be found in NRFC’s Responsible Fatherhood Toolkit: Resources from the Field.

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